Wild Game & Farm Animals

Full Service Slaughter and Butcher

Juicy Flavours

Beef, Hog, & Lamb

Farm Animal Processing

Respectful Process by Trained Professionals

Mobile Farm Slaughter: We come to you. Call now to make an appointment. Beef, Pork, and Lamb. Special or Exotic animals, Call to ask.

Custom Cut and Wrap: All products cut to your specifications, double wrapped and sharp frozen

Curing and Smoking: Hams – Bacon – Whole BBQ Pigs

Sausage Making: Using your product and our award winning recipes many flavors to choose from.

*Kill Fee to be paid directly to Slaughter Crew*
Cash or Check Only made out to Scott Willis

Make sure to keep USDA beef tags as the last 3 numbers will be needed to call in your cutting instructions, along with farmer's name and weight of animals

Mobile Butcher, Scott Willis 360-631-2552

  • Cut and Wrap

    $0.64 lb
    Cut and wrap Beef and Pork .64 lb
    Single wrap charge an additonal .10 lb or animals that over 500 a side and burger anmials
    additional curing and smoking .70 lb
    Bulk, Italian and spicy sausage .25 lb Link sausage 1.00 lb
    *$5.00 disposal fee applies per whole animal, if over 1000 pound $10.00 disposal fee
Big Game, Bird, & Salmon

Wild Game Processing

  • Cut and Wrap

    Over 100lbs or Boneless meat - $0.75 lb
    Whole Animal $75.00 minimum
    100lbs or under for minimum charge
    *cut and wrap applies to all game, whole or trim
  • Duck and Goose Processing

    *We add 30% pork to all duck and goose products, at a $2.49lb charge
    Pepperoni --- $3.00
    Summer Sausage --- $2.75
    Salami --- $2.75
    Breakfast Sausage --- $0.35
    Cut and Wrap --- $0.75
    Minimum 20lb per item
  • Fish Processing

    Fillet Only --- $0.75lb
    Smoke Fish --- $2.50lb
    *if already fillet
    Fillet and Smoke --- $3.00lb
    Vacuum Pack Bags --- $0.40 each
  • Additional Cost apply to following:

    *minimum of 20lbs per item, 25lbs for German
    Pepperoni --- $3.00
    Jerky --- $3.00
    Summer Sausage --- $2.75
    Salami --- $2.75
    Hunter Sausage --- $2.75
    German --- $3.75
    Breakfast Sausage --- $0.35