Wild Game & Farm Animals

Full Service Slaughter and Butcher

Juicy Flavours

Beef, Hog, & Lamb

Farm Animal Processing

Respectful Process by Trained Professionals

Mobile Farm Slaughter: We come to you. Call now to make an appointment. Beef, Pork, and Lamb. Special or Exotic animals, Call to ask.

Custom Cut and Wrap: All products cut to your specifications, double wrapped and sharp frozen

Curing and Smoking: Hams – Bacon – Whole BBQ Pigs

Sausage Making: Using your product and our award winning recipes many flavors to choose from.

*Kill Fee to be paid directly to Slaughter Crew*
Cash or Check Only

Mobile Butcher, Scott Willis 360-631-2552

  • Cut and Wrap

    $0.64 lb
    Cut and wrap Beef and Pork .64 lb
    Single wrap charge an additonal .10 lb
    additional curing and smoking .70 lb
    Bulk, Italian and spicy sausage .25 lb Link sausage 1.00 lb
    *$5.00 disposal fee applies per whole animal
Big Game, Bird, & Salmon

Wild Game Processing

  • Cut and Wrap

    Over 100lbs or Boneless meat - $0.75 lb
    Whole Animal $75.00 minimum
    100lbs or under for minimum charge
    *cut and wrap applies to all game, whole or trim
  • Duck and Goose Processing

    *We add 30% pork to all duck and goose products, at a $2.49lb charge
    Pepperoni --- $3.00
    Summer Sausage --- $2.75
    Salami --- $2.75
    Breakfast Sausage --- $0.35
    Cut and Wrap --- $0.75
    Minimum 20lb per item
  • Fish Processing

    Fillet Only --- $0.75lb
    Smoke Fish --- $2.50lb
    *if already fillet
    Fillet and Smoke --- $3.00lb
    Vacuum Pack Bags --- $0.40 each
  • Additional Cost apply to following:

    *minimum of 20lbs per item, 25lbs for German
    Pepperoni --- $3.00
    Jerky --- $3.00
    Summer Sausage --- $2.75
    Salami --- $2.75
    Hunter Sausage --- $2.75
    German --- $3.75
    Breakfast Sausage --- $0.35