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When you're having a large party and wondering what to serve, contact Silvana Meats and we'll help you out with large quantities of steaks, burger, hotdogs, or even a whole barbeque pig. Prices for our fresh meats are below.


Smoked Bratwurst $6.59 lb
Silvana Hot Links $6.39 lb
Hunter Sausage/Bologna/Braunswieger $5.99 lb
Smoked German or Garlic Sausage $6.39 lb
Jalapeno w/ Cheese/ German $6.89 lb
Linguisa/Andouille/ Kielbasa $5.39 lb
Old-Fashion Franks $4.69 lb
Skinless Franks $4.59 lb
Salami or Summer Sausage $5.99 lb
Cervalat Salami $9.98 lb


Specialty Meats, Fresh Meats in Silvana, WA


Specialty Meats, Fresh Meats in Silvana, WA


Jerky  Ham:


Beef Jerky (Reg. or Teriyaki) $17.98 lb
Turkey Jerky $17.98 lb
Dave's Gourmet Jerky $19.98 lb
Landsjagger $12.89lb
Pepperoni Sticks $12.98 lb



Smoked Roast Beef-Boneless $6.29 lb
Smoked & Cured Chipped Beef $9.98 lb

Half Ham $3.59 lb
Whole Ham $3.49 lb
Ham Steaks $6.99 lb
Ham Hocks $2.98 lb
Extra Lean Boneless Ham $6.99 lb
Honey Apple Boneless Hams $6.29 lb
Spiral Sliced Ham $4.99 lb
Spiral Honey Glazed Ham $5.29 lb
Smoked Pork Chops $5.79 lb
Poultry & Fish: Bacon:
Smoked Salmon $12.98 lb
Smoked Turkey Breast-Boneless $5.59 lb
Smoked Turkey (Whole) $3.99 lb
Smoked Cornish Game Hen $3.49 lb

Canadian Bacon $6.39 lb
Bacon Pieces $4.69 lb
Lean Dry Cured Bacon $7.59 lb
Pepper Bacon $7.69 lb
Beef Cuts:
Extra Lean Ground Beef $4.98 lb
Ground Beef Patties $5.09 lb
Bacon Burger Patties $5.19 lb
Boneless Stew Meat $5.69 lb
Top Sirloin Steak $8.98 lb
Rib Steak $12.98 lb
Bnls. Rib Eye Steak $14.49lb
T-Bone Steaks $13.49lb
New York Steaks $14.49lb
Tenderloin Steaks


Cube Steaks $5.69 lb
Top Round Steaks $5.29 lb
Flank Steaks $10.49 lb
Sirloin Tip Roast $5.29 lb
Bnls. Chuck Steak $5.09 lb
Bnls. Eye Round Roast $5.29 lb
Bnls. Chuck Roast $4.98 lb
Corned Beef $6.99 lb
Prime Rib Roast $12.49 lb
Bnls Rib Roast $13.49lb
Short Ribs $6.29 lb
Beef Back Ribs $3.89 lb
Beef Liver $2.69 lb
Meaty Shank Bones $3.49 lb
Soup Bones $3.29 lb
Trimmed Brisket $6.39 lb
Un Trimmed Brisket $3.99 lb
Skirt Steak $15.98 lb
Tri-Tip Roast $8.98 lb
Flat Iron Steak $9.89 lb
Veal Cuts:
Veal Shanks $13.98 lb
Veal Cutlets $12.98 lb
Ground Veal $10.98 lb
Duck: $3.49 lb
Goose: $6.69 lb
Whole Rabbit: $9.49 lb
Ground Buffalo $8.98 lb
Pork Cuts:
Pork Tenderloins $4.98 lb
Bnls. Pork Loin Roast $4.98 lb
Pork Chops $4.29 lb
Country Style Spare Ribs $2.98 lb
Baby Back Spare Ribs $5.98 lb
Spare Ribs $2.98 lb
Pork Steak $2.98 lb
Pork Cutlets $3.98 lb
Bnls. Pork Chops $5.29 lb
Bnls. Pork Roast $3.29 lb
Bnls. Country Style Ribs $3.29 lb
St. Louis Style Ribs $4.19 lb
Fresh Side Pork $5.39 lb
Lamb Cuts:
Lamb Chops $16.98 lb
Rack of Lamb $18.98 lb
Lamb Shanks $5.99 lb
Ground Lamb $7.59 lb
Leg of Lamb $8.98 lb
Lamb Shoulder Roast $8.98 lb
Lamb Shoulder Steak $7.79 lb
Whole Lamb $5.79 lb
Chicken Cuts:
Bnls. Chicken Breast $3.69 lb
Bnls. Chicken Thighs $2.69 lb
WA Whole Range Fryers $2.09 lb
Turkey Cuts:
Ground Turkey $5.99 lb
Bone-In Turkey Breast $3.29 lb
Bnls. Turkey Breast $5.09 lb
Smoke Whole Turkeys $3.99 lb
Mexican Food:
You can't beat these prices on fresh and specialty meats. Contact Silvana Meats today at
(360) 652-7188 in Silvana, Washington, to order any of our ham, poultry, or jerky products.